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Autumn Moon Festival, or Mid-Autumn Festival, was on October 1st this year, and it’s a great time to connect with family and friends. This year, we had a socially distanced gathering with the Yale community. We stuck to tradition - we hung paper lanterns and we had individual mooncakes for our friends to take home. We threw in some Haw Flakes just for good measure!

While we had to keep our celebration small, we were able to interview almost 10 students about their experience trying our Qi Jujube Tea.  Many had had experience with similar flavors from their childhood.  For some, it was a completely new experience.  Some of the quotes included...

"It tastes like childhood."

"It tastes like home, like something my mom makes."

"It makes me feel calm.  I don't think I grew up eating this, but this flavor is very settling."

"It's nice - it's not overly sweet, which is what I like.  It's refreshing!"

This year we have a lot to celebrate. Qi Foods is finalizing new label designs for our teas in advance of our first commercial batch! We’re grateful for the support of our family that we could not see this year, as well as our friends who came out to support Qi Foods on Autumn Moon Festival!


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