Our Story

Our Founder

Incubated at Yale University in 2020, Bo-yi was created as a way to bridge the gap between the East and the West and bring this healthy life force of Asian culture to Western store shelves.

Bo-yi was created by Tiffany Leong who, as a Chinese American, dreamt of bringing the rich traditions of her Asian ancestry to life in the United States. Born and raised in Texas, Tiffany didn’t begin life with a love for the herbal soups and drinks her mother used to make for her. But as she grew older, her body retaliated against the Western lifestyle she had adopted. After seeing numerous doctors, cutting out the eight most common food allergens, and limiting her diet to unprocessed, natural foods, she found herself making those same Asian herbal drinks and foods her mother used to make.

These traditional, vibrant recipes not only made Tiffany feel connected to her culture, they also did wonders for her body. Meanwhile, superfoods like bone broth, kale, and kombucha were growing in popularity throughout the U.S. Tiffany began to realize something, why weren’t the superfoods that she grew up with represented in the U.S. as well?


A Vital Vision

The name "Bo-yi", means "Precious Ceremony" in Cantonese, a Southeastern Chinese dialect. Not only do we believe in bringing the health and vitality of traditional Chinese herbs to Western shelves, but Bo-yi also aims to honor the rich traditions of our Asian ancestry. Bo-yi is a modern complement to the ancient traditions of our families, who for years have used these herbs as household remedies.


A Commitment to Health

Our superfoods have been consumed in East Asia for thousands of years. Why? Because not only are they flavorful, but they also have a valuable variety of health benefits. Jujube is traditionally used for immunity, energy and blood circulation. Hawthorn berry can help support digestion and heart health. Chrysanthemum has strong detoxifying and calming properties.

We've worked with food scientists, medical professionals, and clinical herbalists in developing our products. Their functional benefits are substantiated by scientific medical studies and approved by our parents and grandparents.


Supporting Our Communities

Bo-yi believes in a world where everyone gets to live a life full of vitality. That’s why we want to help give back to the communities we are involved with. To start, we will be donating 2% of our proceeds to organizations that we care about.