5 Health Benefits of Goji Berries

What are Goji Berries?

These bright, red-orange berries are native to Asia and traditionally used in Chinese medicine for their numerous health benefits.

Goji Berry has various health benefits for skin, immunity, and anxiety, often consumed dried.

Fresh berries may be described as bland and slightly bitter. When dried, however, they are comparable to a raisin or cranberry, with a tart and sour taste. Dried goji berries are chewy and slightly soft.

Health Benefits of Goji Berries

Due to a high concentration of vitamin A, vitamin C, and iron, and fiber. Goji berries:

1) Boost immunity

Vitamins A and C directly support the immune system, acting as antioxidants. These berries have traditionally been used in Asian medicine to prevent illness and infection. In 30-day studies in adults, drinking goji juice every day increased immune cell levels and improved general feelings of well-being.

2) Induce feelings calmness and reduces stress

As Goji berries reduce blood pressure and reduce inflammation, they may also reduce stress and allow for better quality of sleep.

3) Encourage skin health

Vitamin C promotes collagen creation, which protects the skin and helps repair from UV damage and aging.

4) Promote eye health

With healthy antioxidants such as zeaxanthin, Goji berries protect the eyes from UV damage, free radicals and degeneration.

5) Encourage weight loss

Goji berries may be beneficial for weight loss in their ability to increase body metabolic rate. They may also support digestion with a high fiber content.


You should avoid Goji if you are on medication for blood thinning, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Additionally, Goji berries may be harmful to fetal health during pregnancy, although further research is required.

Ways to Eat Goji Berries

Most commonly consumed in their dried form, frequently added into granolas, salads, or yogurts. They may also be consumed in powder form or teas to incorporate their various health benefits into beverages.

Not only are they easy to implement in your everyday diet, Goji berries provide numerous health benefits for your skin, eyes, immune system, and overall well-being.


By: Suzie Lee, Student at Cornell University
Sources: WebMD, Bon Appetit, Healthline, Medical News Today

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